Go further. Stay here.

Administration, education, tourism: with a wide variety of post-secondary programs, you can further your education in French and contribute to the vitality of your community. Right here in the North.

Help grow organizations, right here

This two-year program prepares you for all the business administration challenges common to all organizations, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and management. In your second year, you can choose to specialize in either management or finance.

Help children find their place

In this two-year program, you’ll specialize in primary and secondary education for students with special needs. You’ll learn how to give them the support they need to flourish and become active members of the community.

Support their first steps in life

This two-year program gives you all the tools you need to contribute to the development and growth of young children. The training combines theoretical courses with practical internships to prepare you well for the job market.

Your experience counts. Makes sure it’s recognized.

Individuals with previous experience in the field of early childhood education can have their qualifications recognized, free of charge, to earn their Childcare Education diploma more quickly.

Education by and for francophiles in the North

Our French post-secondary programs aim at meeting the future needs of the labour market in the Far North, as detailed in the government study Skills 4 Success.

No need to pack your bags. Or backpack

Our students take classes as they wish, individually or in groups, on-site or online, live or recorded. There’s no need to leave the North: students can even pursue an internship right here in their own community.

The North – Our Pride

Our institution, proudly rooted in our community, is devoted to educational initiatives that promote northern and Aboriginal cultures to people near and far.