Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Make your training count

Every time you complete one of our language courses or training programs, you accumulate Continuing Education Units (CEUs), maximizing your chances of advancement on both a professional and personal level. Right here in the North.

Nationally recognized by employers and professional associations, CEUs are awarded by our institution under the accreditation of the Society of Training and Continuing Education (SOFEDUC).

Calculating how many CEUs you are entitled to is simple: 1 CEU = 10 hours of continuing education. For example, you can obtain 3 CEUs for a French course lasting 30 hours, or 0.6 CEUs for a professional skills development course lasting 6 hours. You must however have maintained an 80% attendance record and obtained a passing grade.

Gain know-how, let everyone know!

Once you’ve completed your course, you will receive a certificate of achievement bearing the SOFEDUC stamp indicating the number of CEUs earned. You can list them on your CV or submit them to your professional organization.

A measure of excellence in continuing education

Our institution has achieved SOFEDUC accreditation via a rigorous process that attests to the quality of our offering and the pedagogical and administrative best practices in continuing education we employ. To learn more, visit the SOFEDUC site.