Early Childhood Education

Diploma Early Childhood Education
Duration 2 years
Diffusion Mode Distance Online
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Support their first steps in life
This two-year program gives you all the tools you need to contribute to the development and growth of young children. The training combines theoretical courses with practical internships to prepare you well for the job market.

Offered in conjunction with La Cité College, this program is taught online (live or recorded) with possible access to the Collège Nordique’s classrooms. In French only.

Numerous employment opportunities
Did you know that early childhood educators are some of the most sought-after college-level positions in the NWT? The brand-new Early Childhood Education program meets the requirements of the NWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment. The diploma leads to positions in the school environment, including preschools (daycare, preschool centre) and pre-kindergarten.

A schedule adapted to your reality
Courses have been designed to give you the flexibility to organize your schedule so you can keep your job during regular childcare hours. The training is offered both online (asynchronous courses available at any time) and at a distance (synchronous courses during some weekends with professionals in the field).

Advantageous conditions
Collège Nordique offers you personalized support throughout your studies, whether it be for registration, computer assistance, pedagogical assistance or even finding internships in the NWT. You will also have access to the College’s classrooms and computer equipment.

Recognition of your achievements
If you already have experience in the field, your skills may be recognized so you could graduate from Childcare Education faster. Contact us now to see if you qualify.

The prior learning assessment process is a joint offering of Collège Nordique and Collège La Cité.

La Cité

The program starts in the fall, winter and spring.

Applicants must have a high school diploma (grade 12) or equivalent or have passed the adult candidate test (19 years and older). Pre-requisites for practical training (steps 2, 3 and 4):

  • Updated immunization record
  • Criminal record check from the local police department or the RCMP or proof of pardon
  • Red Cross General First Aid Certificate or equivalent
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level C certification.

Both certificates must be valid throughout the study program.

Caution: A criminal record for which a pardon has not been sought or obtained reduces the chances of obtaining a work placement and employment in the field.


Required equipment

An Internet connection, a computer with a camera and a microphone.

Students may loan equipment at Collège Nordique and use the study.

Step 1 – required courses

  • 028186 SSC Environnement sécuritaire
  • 028185 SSC Continuum du développement de l’enfant
  • 028184 SSC Développement personnel et communication interpersonnelle
  • 028183 SSC Profession de l’éducateur en Ontario
  • 025622 FRA Français écrit : grammaire et compréhension de texte

Step 2 – required courses

  • 028190 SSC Observation de l’enfant
  • 028189 SSC Droits de l’enfant
  • 028187 SSC Besoins holistiques et bien-être
  • 028188 SSC Apprentissage par le jeu et l’enquête
  • 028192 STG Stage d’initiation à la profession
  • 025624 ENL English I

Step 2 – elective courses

  • 028230 FGE La compassion
  • 027192 FGE Le bonheur : nourrir, équilibrer et renforcer votre qualité de vie
  • 025700 FGE Découvrir l’éthique appliquée : comment décider?
  • 025637 FGE La culture autochtone : un monde à découvrir
  • 025636 FGE Techniques de rédaction en médias sociaux
  • 025635 FGE Se promouvoir avec les médias sociaux
  • 025634 FGE La perception en psychologie
  • 025633 FGE Réalités autochtones contemporaines
  • 025632 FGE Introduction à l’Histoire des Premières Nations
  • 025626 FGE Citoyenneté canadienne
  • 025627 FGE Santé, environnement et prévention des infections
  • 025628 FGE Le développement durable
  • 025629 FGE Identités et multiculturalisme canadien
  • 025630 FGE De l’identité à la culture
  • 025631 FGE Vive l’espagnol

Step 3 – required courses:

  • 028194 SSC Expériences d’apprentissage à la maternelle et au jardin
  • 028191 SSC Milieu inclusif
  • 025625 ENL English II

Step 5 – required courses:

  • 025623 FRA Rédaction technique et spécialisée
  • 028195 SSC Expériences d’apprentissage parascolaires
  • 028196 STG Stage d’intégration des apprentissages
  • 028197 SSC Leadership pédagogique et andragogique
  • 028193 SSC Expérience d’apprentissage à la petite enfance

Step 5 – required courses:

  • 028198 STG Stage de consolidation des apprentissages

Program cost

Resident Canadian: $1,578.13
International students: $6,975.73

*Estimated costs for Step 1

Financial aid

You may be eligible for the NWT Student Financial Assistance Program.

Upcoming sessions

Fall semester: September 2022

Registration deadline: mid-August (exact date to come)

Session hiver: date to come

Registration deadline: date to come

Les dates sont susceptibles de changer, veuillez consulter le site internet régulièrement.
Pour plus de détails sur le programme, contactez-nous à info@college-nordique.com ou (867) 920-7017.